from August 2015

What is on my bookshelf...(Part 1)
Posted: 27-08-2015
Recently acquired a copy of Creating Adventure Games on Your Computer by Tim Hartnell. Produced in 1984, it has BASIC code for adventure games (for which apparently I need 24k RAM). I really bought it as a inspiration for thoughts around producing puzzles and challenges.

More 'feely' stuff
Posted: 24-08-2015
Great article by Emily Short here.
In fact read everything on Emily's excellent site!
'Feelies' over the wire...
Posted: 21-08-2015
One of the undoubted attractions of the Infocom series were the extras included in the box.
These have become known as 'feelies' and not only gave buyers something to read and admire, but also acted as introduction to the game and in some cases included clues to help solve in-game puzzles.
Finally, having something to remind the player/owner about the enjoyment of the game, that could sit on a shelf.
While these extras aren't in any way vital to the actual construction of the mechanics and prose required to create a work of IF, what if these 'feelies' could be delivered along with the game across the Internet?
I've started to look at some possibilities and will post again shortly.