from August 2017

Nearly there; a lot of tiny fixes
Posted: 21-08-2017
Well we've made some good strides over the last week or so and fixed quite a few little niggles and errors. Alongside that, there are some small tweaks to the website layout. Much encouragement!
Are we there yet?
Posted: 09-08-2017
I think we might actually be there with the website. As we all know, these things are never actually finished; they simply reach a point where you are happy that there is some content that fits the bill and that there aren't too many errors. I believe that point has been reached. Hoo-flippin-ray.
Appreciate there is still a little bit of work to do on the example game tutorial to get the highlighting of the changes to the text correct. And the terms and conditions need another run-through. Still, not bad progress.
One page to go
Posted: 06-08-2017
A revamp of the menus and content on the website means we are now within a very small stonesthrow away from releasing the engine onto an unsuspecting and probably uninterested public. I am unsure what is the best way to approach a release. I will ponder...